Sunday, December 14, 2008

Holiday Brownie

Ok, things at the bake shop have been very busy these past few weeks. I have finally had the time to take some pictures of our personalised holiday brownie, as many of you have been asking what this would look like. We can personalise your tree shaped brownie with up to 6 letters (more won't fit unfortunately). We do this in all 5 of our flavours. A nice way to say happy holidays! They are the equivalent of approx 10 of our regular brownies and we are selling the online for £20 including delivery.

ho ho ho!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Do It Yourself Brownies take 2

The DIY Brownie has officially arrived. We now have the jars back in stock and they are now up on the website. We are offering them for £12 each, including delivery or you can get a deal as we are offering 3 jars for £30.

We think they will make great Christmas gifts, particularly for kids, or adults who just don't have the time to cook.

** N.B.- For those of you who visited us during the Good Food Show, we have had to increase the cost of the brownie jar, as the glass is so heavy that posting it costs over £4.00.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Do It Yourself Brownies

During the Good Food Show we had a lot of attention in regards to our Do It Yourself Brownies.
They are ideal for people who love our brownies, but want the chance to make them at home for themselves. Our original Triple Treat mix in a retro decorative jar. Simply mix with butter and eggs, pop in the oven and you have your own brownies ready to be eaten! Great as a gift, or as a treat for yourself!

I wanted to get a picture of the jar up on the blog as soon as possible. We will be adding the purchase option to the website very shortly. Until then, any questions or orders can be made by emailing us at



BBC Good Food Show winners

Thank you to everyone who dropped by our stand at the BBC Good Food Show. We had a tremendous show, with great input from all the brownie lovers who attended. We even sold out of all our brownies!

We have our winners from the prize draw. They are:

Kathryn McDowell

Louise Broughton

Sarah Gunn

Thank you again for entering our draw.

We will be taste testing many of our flavour suggestions over the next few weeks and our flavour winner will be announced shortly.

We have lots of exciting things happening in the bakeshop over the next few weeks. Keep checking our website and blog to get caught up.

We have a new personalised Christmas brownie coming out for the holiday season. It is a very large brownie in the shape of a Christmas tree. We are letting people personalise it with the initials (or name up to 6 letters) of their friend or loved one. The perfect personalised gift to send someone, £20 including delivery. We will have pictures online very shortly, and it should be on our website by next week.

After the demand at the BBC Good Food Show for our Do It Yourself Brownie, we have ordered more jars. We should be getting them in the next few weeks, so you can order them in time for the holidays. They will be £12 including delivery, or 3 for £30. This will be online as of next week.

Please remember all Christmas orders must be placed by Wednesday December 17th in order to avoid disappointment.

Thank you again!

Deirdre Crampton

Friday, November 14, 2008

BBC Good Food Show

Today was the first day of The London BBC Good Food Show. We had an exceptional start. Arriving late yesterday afternoon after baking our hearts out for 2 days straight to get all of our yummy brownies up to the show we got set up and ready to go.

We introduced a new product to our family of brownies. We are now doing a Do-It- Yourself brownie. Which is essentially the same mix we use for our brownies, but you can take it home, mix it yourself, and enjoy fresh baked brownies...I dare them to make it too far out of the pan! They proved so popular this morning we sold out all of our kits by this afternoon!! We will shortly be adding them to the website and they will be available for Christmas orders.

Thank you to everyone who dropped by today! Thank you for having a taste and all of your wonderful comments!

More excitement to come for tomorrow! Hope you come by and visit!

Big Chocolate Kisses!


Thursday, July 10, 2008

5 Star Brownies

Well, today we had our first visit from the local food safety officer. We spent some time discussing the logistics of running the kitchen. Then came the nerve racking part, I was making up the orders for the day with an audience (the food safety officer and a student)!

Great news is that the inspection went well. We received 5 stars, the highest rating. The food inspector was very impressed with our general awareness and the steps that are taken in our kitchen to ensure great food safety.

Unfortunately for her, she was unable to taste test any of the brownies, something she looked very sad not to be able to do!

For more information:

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Isle of Wight County Press

For those of you who don't live on the Island, we have just received our first local press. The Isle of Wight County Press published a story about the business.

Check it out:

Garlic Farm

So some of you might have been wondering why I was tinkering with the idea of putting Garlic in to brownies...I'm not just a crazy experimentalist! We have now started distributing our brownies at the Islands very popular Garlic Farm Shop. Set in a beautiful location this sweet farm shop offers all sorts of food goodies, mainly involving their star product, you guessed it, garlic! They also carry many Island based companies, now including ours!

If you're ever in the area, I recommend you come check them out.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Food Lovers Approved!

We just got word that we have been approved by the team at Food Lovers Britain ( They are a discerning group who look for local and regional businesses using the freshest local produce to deliver quality produce and products. Led by Writer, broadcaster and food advocate, Henrietta Green.

Last week we sent them a sample pack of our triple chocolate brownies and apparently they were well enjoyed as we have officially received the thumbs up!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Brownies by any other name?

Well, in the test kitchen we've been going through many of the suggestions that were given to us at the Real Food Festival (and let's just say there were lots, blue cheese flavoured brownies anyone?).

An interesting one that we decided to give a go, as it sounded challenging was the reverse brownie. A white chocolate brownie with dark chocolate chunks.

After thinking out how to do this and what quantities to use, etc, we made our first reverse brownie. It is definitely in need of some tweaking, but generally, the first attempt was a success.

Tasted like white chocolate, had the same texture of a brownie, but was white, not chocolate. The official tester (aka my fiancee) has declared the reverse brownie a success that he will eat again, can we please add more white chocolate?

I've not taken any pictures yet, as I'm still worried that it looks a bit like an alien brownie, it is white! But as soon as we've perfected it we will be taking some glamour shots and getting it online.

Next test idea: Garlic brownies, can it be done and still taste good? Stay tuned!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Weddings & Brownie Cupcakes

Well, after many requests at the Real Food Festival- Do you do wedding cakes, favours, etc, I decided it was time to put the thinking cap on and come up with a neat idea for the wedding brownie! We've done them before (small picture), but I got to thinking they could be even better.

After thinking it out for a while I decided to go the cup cake route, as they are pretty and well we can keep the recipe as a brownie on the inside, but dress it up as a cupcake on the outside. We whipped up a nice buttercream icing and I'm pretty pleased with the effect. I think they would make a lovely addition to any wedding. Not to mention we taste tested some (as you must when you bake brownies for a living!) and they are pretty darn good! Let us know what you think.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Real Food Festival

Well, Just got back from the Real Food Festival. Was a great event. We met lots of people, ate lots of yummy food from all the lovely food producers and handed out 2560 brownie samples! Let's just say that today we are recovering!

Getting up to the show was interesting, as we stocked the car with as much stuff as we could pack in it. Two of us actually had to take the train, as we wouldn't fit in the car. Coming home was equally as challenging, we did manage to get the people in the car, underneath everything, but we were all in!