Monday, May 12, 2008

Brownies by any other name?

Well, in the test kitchen we've been going through many of the suggestions that were given to us at the Real Food Festival (and let's just say there were lots, blue cheese flavoured brownies anyone?).

An interesting one that we decided to give a go, as it sounded challenging was the reverse brownie. A white chocolate brownie with dark chocolate chunks.

After thinking out how to do this and what quantities to use, etc, we made our first reverse brownie. It is definitely in need of some tweaking, but generally, the first attempt was a success.

Tasted like white chocolate, had the same texture of a brownie, but was white, not chocolate. The official tester (aka my fiancee) has declared the reverse brownie a success that he will eat again, can we please add more white chocolate?

I've not taken any pictures yet, as I'm still worried that it looks a bit like an alien brownie, it is white! But as soon as we've perfected it we will be taking some glamour shots and getting it online.

Next test idea: Garlic brownies, can it be done and still taste good? Stay tuned!

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